Hand in hand connecting you to the farmer!


Hand in hand connecting you to the farmer!

Welcome to Scrupulicious Farming!

Certified Bio-Dynamic Farm & Butcher facility located in the beautiful South West between Albany and Denmark. We process, pack and distribute products from organic, bio-dynamic, regenerative and sustainable local farms, bringing you closer to the farmer.


We visit our suppliers regularly to ensure the integrity of the product and that animal welfare and the production of a safe and healthy product is of highest priority. All our product is Western Australian.


We would like to be the link between the eater (consumer) and the farmer, connecting the eater and the farmer and growing appreciation and value for the effort to produce safe and healthy food.


Scrupulous + Delicious = Scrupulicious

A scrupulicious meal is an ethical, incorruptible, honest, appetising, delightful and tasty meal.

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Why Choose Us

Ethical from the heart

Having worked in this field for over four years and speaking to many farmers and healthy food eaters we know what to look out for when it comes to choosing the right suppliers and what the eaters would like.

Best Prices – True Value

Our prices are fair for all. The farmer is appreciated for his efforts and the true value of a product is being reflected sustainable for all. We would like to be able to sell directly to the consumer and are making ways to get our product to you most economically and efficiently.

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