Name [Scru-pu-li-cious]

Scrupulous + Delicious = Scrupulicious

I was looking for a word to describe I product that is fair, just, correct, ethical, honest and righteous – and ended up looking for a synonym for righteous. I found “Scrupulous”

Meaning of Scrupulous:

honest, honourable, upright, upstanding, high-minded, righteous, right-minded, moral, ethical, good, virtuous, principled, proper, correct, just, noble, incorruptible, anti-corruption, conscientious, respectable, decent

There is no connection to scrupulous and food – at least so far there is no one word describing fair, honest, ethical and tasty food……the solution was to include delicious into scrupulous in one and out came Scrupulicious…..

Uncertain if this was the right name I prayed and asked God for a sign and the very next day at church He made the word “righteous” jump out at me.

I know this is a new original word and it will take time for people to grasp, pronounce and learn – but once you get it – it will stick!

The idea of Scrupulicious is that it is a product that is scrupulous and delicious. So that if you prepare a scrupulicious meal you have prepared a meal that is ethical, incorruptible, honest, healthy and tasty

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