The Organic Fine Food Company

Operator’s names: Mike and Jocelyn Van De Griend

Location: Kangaroo Gully

Production: Pastured/forested chicken eggs, pastured pork, value-added products/preserves: apple sauce, tomato soup and tomato ketchup. Future products: mixed berry jam, apple cider vinegar, honey and sauerkraut.

Livestock: Cattle, pigs, chickens.

Breeds: Dexter/Angus cross, Dexter, Jersey, Wessex, Berkshire, Landrace.

Feed: Pasture, forest floor, hay rolls, egg seconds, chestnuts, silverbeet, kale, cabbage, certified organic grains.

Annual production: 5 head of cattle (beef), 20 head of pigs (pork).

Size of the farm: 217 acres

Vegetation/landscape: Surrounded on the north, on the east and on part of the southern boundary by forest conservation area. The remainder of the boundary adjoins forest on private properties. Our organic farming is protected and buffered by these forests from surrounding land activities.

Organic or Biodynamic or Other: Australian Certified Organic cert. #11899

Farming background: USA swine farm and dairy/beef veterinarian.

Other activities/business: Registered veterinarian in USA and Australia.

The farm story: We are Mike and Jocelyn, and our five children; the unlikely combination of an American farm boy from Iowa, and a city gal from Perth, Western Australia. We hale from California’s Central Valley, or, “bread basket” region. Here, Mike had the privilege of working as a dairy veterinarian. Together as a family, our journey in California has influenced our passion for more sustainable agriculture, which also connects to local communities. Seeing the rich potential that Australia’s South West afforded, we made the decision to relocate and pursue this ethos, and our passion for wholesome food, as The Organic Fine Food Company (TOFFC). Certified organic for 15 years, our farm, Drover’s Rest, is located in Kangaroo Gully just outside Bridgetown. Throughout the property we run mobile chicken caravans housing our much-loved pastured and forested chooks, producing one of WA’s few sources of organic eggs. Alongside, our Jersey cows are diligently enhancing soils and will one day contribute to our cheese making aspirations! Our cell grazed pigs are doing their fair share of soil rejuvenation and just this year, in joint venture with Chestnut Brae, we have successfully produced gourmet chestnut fed pork. Conveniently fitted to the farm is our small processing facility enabling us to make healthy value added products using our own, and other locally grown organic produce.

Contact details: (08)9761 2901,,

Product names: No Guilt Apple Sauce, Organic Tomato Soup, (Coming Soon: Organic Tomato Ketchup)

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