Quality Local Products

We visit our suppliers regularly to ensure the integrity of the product and that animal welfare and the production of a safe and healthy product is of highest priority. All our product is Western Australian.

Not only do we try the products we also visit the farms and get to know the farmers and their background and how and why they came to farming the way they do.

We are aware that farming naturally without chemicals, GMO and artificial methods and inputs does limit availability of a 100% perfect product all year round.

Seasonal conditions may mean that there is no or less product ready for the market at certain times of the year and that sometimes the product may not meet the standard of unnatural farming products.

Working with the farmers gives us insight to upcoming low supply and to overcome this time we will freeze fresh product before we get to the low supply period.

We want to work with the farmers and give them the freedom to get their produce ready for market naturally without unrealistic deadlines, only this way can we get the best quality out of the product.

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